Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Look your best at your next job interview

When you go to a job interview, you want to convey that you are professional and ready to go to work. That doesn't mean you always have to wear a formal business suit, but it does mean that you should always look your best.

When choosing your outfit, follow these guidelines to make the best impression:

-Wear clean, neatly pressed clothes.

-Avoid anything tight-fitting or clingy.

-Select a dress or skirt that is no more than two inches above your knee.

-Select pants that are the appropriate length. Your pants should cover the ankle, but not drag under the heel of your shoes.

-Select a tie that, when knotted, reaches the middle of your belt buckle.

-Clean and polish your shoes. Before your interview, double-check that they are free of mud, debris, and scuffs.

-Avoid too much jewelry and too many accessories.

-Remember that it is usually better to be over- dressed, rather than too casual, when you go to an interview.

Clothing is not the only aspect of appearance that is important; it is equally vital that you be clean and well groomed:

-Take a shower or bath.
-Avoid fragrances entirely.
-Brush your hair and teeth.
-Clean your fingernails.
-Avoid alcohol, onions and garlic, both that day and the day before.

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